methenolone enanthate

If you are taking other medicines, inform your doctor.

Drug interactions between Realdiron and other medicinal products are poorly understood.

Caution should be used methenolone enanthate simultaneously with opioid analgesics, hypnotics and sedatives, drugs with providers myelosuppressive effect. In an application. theophylline necessary to control the concentration of the latter in the serum and adjust the dosing regimen as needed.

Interferons may affect the oxidative metabolic processes. This should be considered when used with drugs metabolized by oxidation.

Patients with severe heart disease methenolone enanthate administered with caution. In patients previously suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system, arrhythmia may occur as a side reaction.

If the side effects of the drug are not weakened or strengthened, reduce the dose by 50% or treatment Realdiron stop.

When treating Realdiron should be excluded alcohol.

Effects on ability to drive and transport management mechanisms
, depending on individual sensitivity and the prescribed dose treatment possible slowing of psychomotor reactions because of side effects of expressions methenolone enanthate Рdrowsiness, weakness, fatigue. In such cases it is recommended to give up driving vehicles and control any machinery. how much to inject for weight loss

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